SpeedQuizzing™ coming to The Knights Table

On Monday the 13th May, The Knights Table will be holding our first SpeedQuizzing™ night!

With teams of 1-6 people, this quiz not only rewards you for answering correctly, it also gives you extra points for answering faster than your opponents!⏰

The quiz requires one smartphone/tablet per team – Simply download the SpeedQuizzing app and join the quiz network WiFi on the night.

Our draught beer lineup is undergoing changes the day after the quiz, so ALL draught lagers and ciders are at a reduced price! DRINK UP!

The quiz is free to enter for everybody, so gather a team up and book yourselves in with us, there are prizes to be won for those that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the end of the night!

To get a better understanding of how the quiz works, watch the video below 🙂